As you may have heard, there have been some “shake-ups” at the Utah State Board level. There were decisions made as to the definition of “travel” hockey, which organizations would be considered “tier,” which players could play where, and what the structure as a whole should look like for Utah. These decisions have somewhat changed the landscape, and have forced us to reconsider our goals and objectives as a program.

There is also a level of uncertainty surrounding the outcome of an application that still needs to be submitted to the board, which ultimately could be rejected. This is another factor that puts pressure on the continuance of the program when you consider the time constraints.


We have decided to discontinue the Wolves Squirt team.
We feel that the new classification of “D1 House” makes the Wolves Squirt team a redundant program. D1 House is essentially a select team that will be able to participate in 2 out of state tournaments (plus in-state tournaments), and will also have a league to play in with other select teams in the URHL.

This is exactly the schedule and structure we had as Wolves last year, and what we were planning to do this year… hence the redundancy. There’s actually the potential to get more games under this structure, since we’d be involved in regular league play as well.

The Wolves Squirt tryouts are hereby cancelled, and you will receive a refund for your tryout fee.


The PeeWee age group will likely continue, but will probably only be permitted one team. It will be headed up by Tyler Murphy. All PeeWee-related questions will need to be directed to him. Here is his contact info:
Tyler Murphy

There are still decisions that need to be sorted out at the PeeWee level. This will take more time than we have before tryouts. Therefore, we will not be in a position to hold tryouts this weekend at the PeeWee age group. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. You will be issued a refund and will be notified when tryouts have been rescheduled.

I wanted to personally express my appreciation to everyone who has contributed to the Wolves program up to this point. We had a great season last year, and I was optimistic for the future of the program. Unfortunately, some things are out of our control, and I’m sorry it didn’t work out to keep it going.
Thank you, and best of luck to you!

Jeremy Weiss